Photo by Caroline at Coffeebooksandcake showing a christmas decoration made of books

Books for Christmas

Welcome to Christmas 2023. I am calling it now. As alluded to, quite heavily, in my previous post, I will be doing #12booksofchristmas again, where I review 12 Christmas books throughout December. These are books I have been reading specially for this December.

I have been wanting to gather together a list of all the Christmas books reviewed here on the blog over the 3 years I have been blogging. Why? I am obsessed with Christmas and Christmas books. Each year of the blog I have produced the #12booksofchristmas which are 12 Christmassy books that I have read an enjoyed. But others have been read and reviewed as well, usually in the summer months...when it's hot and I'm eating an ice-cream. I'll continue to add to the list as I go. Hope you enjoy!

First up...let's reacap those #12booksofChristmas shall we?

2020 #12booksofchristmas

2021 #12booksofchristmas

2022 #12booksofchristmas

Okay now we have done that, let's list our books by genre starting with crime because who doesn't love a bit of Christmas crime? This will include the #12booksofchristmas in case you've already forgotten them in the nanoseconds since I first put them on here.





As I was listing the books, I was thinking which I would choose as my favourite...well that is just impossible, so I'll forget all about that nonsense thank you very much.

I will be back on Monday 4 December with the first selection for #12booksofchristmas.