Cover Detail from Christmas at the Little Knitting Box by Helen J. Rolfe showing 2 people walking in a snowy town scene

Two Helen J.Rolfe Books for Christmas

Welcome to Day 10 and 11 of #12booksofchristmas!!! As I've already alluded to, I have been reading and choosing my favourite festive reads throughout 2021. I am someone who can read a book a Christmas book any month of the year and even watch Christmas movies in July. I've had these books on my kindle for quite a while, and thought I would try them. Well holy smokes people, I loved them! And then I had a dilemma. Which one should I pick for #12booksofchristmas? Short version - I couldn't decide, and so decided to throw caution to the wind and include both as a pick each. In case you have missed any of the previous picks, I have included them below.

Christmas at the Little Knitting Box by Helen J. Rolfe


Christmas is coming and New York is in full swing for the snowy season. But at the little Knitting Box in the West Village, things are about to change…
The Little Knitting Box has been in Cleo’s family for four decades and Cleo has been doing a stellar job of running the store...but then she gets a letter that tips her world on its axis.
Dylan is a divorced stay at home Dad who’s world is turned upside down when he meets Cleo. Will Dylan follow his heart or his head? Will Cleo allow herself to be part of another family when her own fell apart at the seams?

My Thoughts

I have had this novel sitting on my kindle for absolutely ages and I’m gutted I didn’t read it sooner! This is the first book in the New York Ever After series and it is so cosy, I felt like I was being wrapped up in a blanket and been spoon fed hot chocolate. It also seriously made me want to visit New York at Christmas and learn to knit. Every Christmas tradition is here and it is marvellous. Think Home Alone 2 mixed with You’ve got Mail and you’ll get the idea.

As characters, Cleo and Dylan are absolutely delightful. The romance between the pair, even with various hiccups is sweet and gentle. And I found myself really rooting for them, especially when Dylan’s feckless ex-wife makes an appearance.

For me the novel also brought back happy memories of working in a bookstore at Christmas. Whilst it is stressful and exhausting, it is great fun and the moment you close the door on Christmas Eve is a wonderful moment!

I loved this novel and am gladly awarding it 5 Stars. I loved it so much I immediately read the second in the series…..

Snowflakes and Mistletoe at the Inglenook Inn by Helen J. Rolfe


When Darcy returns to Manhattan, she’s put in charge of the Inglenook Inn, a cosy boutique hotel in the heart of Greenwich Village. The Inn needs a boost in bookings if it is to survive.
Myles is hoping to avoid Christmas with his family, the worst time of year. But when his company puts him up at the Inglenook Inn and he recognises Darcy, it isn’t long before they clash.
When disaster strikes can Myles and Darcy put their differences aside to make Christmas at the Inglenook Inn a success?

My Thoughts

In all the madness of the Christmas, it’s definitely worth remembering to slow down and take a breath, to breathe Christmas in. This book is perfect for that. Once again Helen J. Rolfe has written 2 delightful characters. Darcy is immensely good at what she does, making guests feel welcome at the Inglenook Inn in whatever way she can, wrapping presents, bringing them hot chocolate, arranging a sleigh ride in Central park or building a cosy log fire on a freezing day. If I’m learning to knit at the Little Knitting Box, then I am staying at the Inglenook Inn whilst I’m there!

In my mind, the Inn reminded me of Lorelei's Inn in The Gilmore Girls, just with a lot less coffee and talking.

Cleo and Dylan make a welcome return and New York is simply breathtaking! Think of all the best bits from every Christmas movie you have ever watched and you’ll get the picture.

After reading these 2 novels, I had to cut myself off, there were other novels that needed to read and part of me felt a bit sad about that. But I will be back to visit this brilliant series of books.

Helen J.Rolfe has done a wonderful job bringing the magic of Christmas to life in these 2 books and it seemed only fitting that she has two books featured in my #12booksofchristmas.

And just like that....I have only one day left in the #12booksofchristmas list. I'll be back tomorrow for Day 12. The final book I will be bringing you is pretty special.