A Mrs Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber

A Mrs Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Each year, my husband and I try to have a mini-break away in November. The idea being that we will be all fresh and shiny new for December. In the past we have stayed overnight on the Moors enjoying a nice meal and one year we had a lovely time at a spa, wrapped in fluffy white robes and enjoying all the steam and sauna facilities that the spa could offer. For that weekend, it felt that for a short amount of time we were 'stepping out' of our lives for a moment.

We are so lucky, we have each other a wonderful circle of family and friends and live in a beautiful part of the UK. But sometimes, you just need to get off the treadmill of daily life and do something different. Well 2020 has been a whole load of different and we have not been able to enjoy our usual November treat, so we decided to have our mini break at home. This involved changing the time we get up, go to bed, eating nice food and watching a few cosy films.

I also decided to turn to the wonderful Debbie Macomber and read 'A Mrs Miracle Christmas'. For those of you not familiar with this author, Debbie Macomber is the equivalent of the Hallmark Channel giving you a massive, cinnamon scented hug, whilst a cake bakes in the oven and a mug of hot chocolate steams gently beside you. They are my go to comfort books. I adore them and Mrs Miracle is one of Debbie Macomber's best loved characters.

Laurel and Zach have moved in with Laurel's beloved Grandmother, Helen, as they try a round of fertility treatment. Left devastated when this and a subsequent adoption fails and growing increasingly concerned about Helen's failing memory, the family decide to bring in a carer companion for Helen to provide additional support to the struggling family. Enter Mrs Miracle as Helen's companion, who when she arrives, lets slip to Helen that she is in actual fact an angel sent to answer Helen's prayers for Laurel. The 2 ladies quickly put their heads together. Will Laurel and Zach get the baby they have been yearning for? and will Helen learn to love her life again? With Mrs Miracle's help, you had better believe it!

Mrs Miracle features in a number of Debbie Macomber's Christmas books, but these can all be read without knowledge of the others. I love these books because they are always marvellous Christmas stories with a hopeful message. The characters are good people dealing with difficult situations. Helen is delightful and so very kind and I enjoyed seeing Helen getting her mojo back! Shirley, Mercy and Goodness, Mrs Miracle's friends and fellow angels, also make a reappearance to help the process along the way and as usual cause a little havoc along the way.

The message is simple, Have Faith! And whatever your religious choices or not, it is a message that speaks to a lot of people.

So if you are feeling a little frazzled by all the Christmas preparations or life in general and if you are able to 'step out' for a moment, take some time, find a quiet spot (and maybe a hot chocolate or mince pie) and curl up with this novel. It is truly a balm for the soul.

I will be back tomorrow to wrap up my November reading, and I have a small announcement because December is going to look slightly different on the blog! Stay tuned.