Village Christmas by Miss Read

#12 Books of Christmas - Village Christmas by Miss Read

Welcome to Day 8 of #12 Books of Christmas

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Do you remember me talking about 'The Readers Rest', a gorgeous little second hand bookshop halfway up Steep Hill in Lincoln? For me, any Miss Read book is synonymous with the Readers Rest as it was where I picked up the majority of my books by this delightful author.

So today I'm recommending this sweet little novella to you dear reader as part of the #12 Books of Christmas. It is about 60 pages long set in the village of Fairacre and has the most wonderful message.

The Waters sisters find their peaceful lives changed when the cheerful and friendly Emery family move in next door. Not used to the country ways, the Emerys shock the conservative residents of Fairacre. But at Christmas, Mrs Emery is taken into labour, her husband away and the Misses Walters must step in to take command of the children, the house and look after Mrs Emery.

I try and read this novella each year. It is set just under 60 years old and is delightful. Miss Read captures village life of the 1960s beautifully and there are plenty of cosy Christmas moments such as carolling and the important choosing of Christmas cards for distant relatives. A job that is taken very seriously indeed!

The Emery friendly are modern for the times and pretty oblivious to the old-fashioned ways in Fairacre. But it is their energy that quickly thaws the villagers, especially as they have a new born child born in the village.

There is something especially comforting about Miss Read at Christmas. There is simplicity in her books and she describes each task beautifully and how everything is done in the spirit of make do and mend. It is a joy to read and always makes me feel especially calm. Just what is needed at Christmas.

The books I believe is available as a wider anthology of Miss Read Christmas novels, but individually would make a delightful stocking filler for someone.

Enjoy my loves.