Miracle on Ebeneezer Street by Catherine Doyle

Miracle on Ebeneezer Street by Catherine Doyle

Welcome to Day 4 of #12booksofchristmas. In case you missed any, I have popped the others below;

This is my 3rd year of doing #12booksofchristmas and I'm please to report I am keeping up the tradition of including a Christmas Carol themed book. Not only is The Christmas Carol my favourite ever book, it now seems there are plenty of books based on this wonderful novel and I am all over it! Today's offering was actually suggested by my good friend over on Instagram @xrubyreadsx who adores this book. So let's get to it shall we?

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The Plot

Three long years have passed since George's father first cancelled Christmas. And now old Marley's magic was beginning to stir.

Since George's mum died, life has felt dull and grey. George's dad has no time for family now and definitely no time for Christmas.

Then George stumbles across a most mysterious snow-globe.

That night, George and his Dad are swept on an adventure to 3 Christmasses - past, present and future. With just a touch of magic, can they begin living life in full colour again?

My Thoughts

As discussed in my preamble, The Christmas Carol is my favourite all time novel. The message, rich language and beloved characters always delight me and leave me with a warm glow inside. This novel is an absolute delight and moves the action from Victorian London to modern day.

George is adorable, missing his mother and encountering the mysterious Marley. But even better is his relationship with his Grandmother, Nanna Flo. Nanna Flo is a wonderful read, twinkly, mystical and definitely blessed with the knowledge of other-worldy events.

This feels like a lovely, modern retelling of The Christmas Carol and is heartwarming with delightful characters and an important message.