Cover detail of Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas

Keeping a Christmas Promise by Jo Thomas

Welcome to Day 5 of #12booksofchristmas!!! In case you have missed any I've put the books reviewed so far below

Confession time folks, I don't actually read a book a day in December, instead I read Christmas books throughout the year. It's almost got to be a bit of a problem. I actually had another Jo Thomas all lined up, typed and photographed ready to go, and then I read this one. And loved it. I hope you do too.

The Plot

25 years ago, Freya and her 3 friends created a bucket list. The future seemed certain.

Now they are travelling to Iceland in memory of the friend they've lost, determined to fulfil her dream of seeing the Northern Lights at Christmas.

They didn't count on an avalanche leaving them stranded!

Handsome local Petur comes to the rescue, showing them how the community survives the hard winter. With Christmas coming, Freya and her friends throw themselves into the festivities, decorating and cooking for the villagers using delicious local ingredients.

But will the Northern Lights appear so they can honour their friends wish? And can Freya's own dreams come true this Christmas?

My Thoughts

The latest offering from Jo Thomas is wonderful and has a strong message about taking a wrong path. 3 friends travel to Iceland to pay tribute to their dear friend who has sadly passed away. During their quest to find the Northern Lights, an avalanche leaves them stranded in a remote Icelandic village for night on a month. During this time, they rediscover themselves and just how far away from their dreams they are whilst discovering the power of community. During the avalanche the villagers take care of each other, baking, cooking meals and distributing them, tending animals and helping each other. It's a lovely story.

Freya, as the main character is delightful. Strong, steady and willing to throw herself into any situation where she can help out. Through sampling the beautifully caught and smoked salmon, exploring the tasty baked goods and desserts she rediscovers her passion for creating warm, comforting meals that bring happiness to people, as oppose to working under a snooty and pretentious Michelin-starred chef.

Of course we get to celebrate Christmas! And it is lovely to learn about Icelandic traditions. (well hello Jolabokaflod!) and the power of the elves. Jo Thomas also inspires us by adding in a few of the recipes that feature in the book.

A lovely Christmas read about remembering one's dreams.

I will be back on Monday with more #12booksofchristmas. Have a great weekend!