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July 2021 Wrap Up

When I first started my blog, I knew I wanted it to be seasonal. The colours change in the header over the seasons, as do the images I use. And so now that July has finished, in my calendar, we have one more month of summer left. I don't say this to depress you because I truly love Autumn! But it is a mark of how quickly this year has gone that I am already thinking of copper leaves and looking forward to being bundled up in scarves and woolly mittens.

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July has been a busy month for us. My husband and I took the decision to move house and indeed area, to be closer to family. It's scary stuff! I'm going to miss lots about the village I currently live in, most notably the good friends we have made. I do find the whole house moving process quite stressful and a bit emotional. But I am optimistic that it will all come good in the end and we can begin a new adventure. One where we have a lot more bookshelves. The struggle is real people and I would love to be one of those people who has bookshelves above their doorways. Hahaha!

Books Read and Reviewed in July

It's been a busy month for reading, with some different type of books read and enjoyed.

Other Posts of Note

5 Star Reads

No 5 Star Reads this month. I am still being so stingy! This month Rosamunde Pilcher and Alistair Brownlee came very close.

Big Read Challenge

15/100 read. I'm not saying this is slow and steady but there are snails with more pace than me. haha. As a reminder, I am re-reading the whole of the list from the 2003 BBC Big Read List. It's been so good to re-read a number of these again.

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Goodreads Challenge

56/100. I am happier with this amount at the moment and am more or less on target for this year.

To Be Read

I had a bit of a cull on my To Be Read pile thank heavens! Books were donated to charity shops and this feels on the whole more manageable. This month I promise will be my updated To Be Read post. I did treat myself to 4 new books though whilst on a mini-break of where we will hopefully be living. (There are bookshops I am pleased to report!)

Looking Forward To

I have been avidly watching the Olympics and absolutely loving it. This year it feels different and listening to a number of interviews with athletes, in some cases it has affected them as well. The athletics will be starting shortly. If Michael Johnson is commentating then I always listen as he has the most wonderful, calming voice.

I am fully into my summer reads now, and at the time of writing this am reading all about Italy. I've got a few good thrillers in the mix and a couple of books which i think would be great for fans of the Thursday Murder Club.

I hope July has been a good month for you. What are you looking forward to in August?