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May 2021 Wrap-Up

Blink and you'll miss it, we are saying a jolly cheery-bye to May in the blog post today. May has been a slight wash out with the weather, but I'm hoping for sunny days ahead. I finally got to see my family all together to celebrate my Sister's birthday which was wonderful and funny. As I write this I am off to see my Sunderland family, which is going to be a smashing weekend. I had my second vaccine and Chris had his first.

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Of course I cannot not talk about Eurovision. Friends will know this already, but I am a teensy bit obsessed with the Eurovision Song Contest. It has been 2 years since the contest last took place, but it had a very welcome return with Italy winning and the UK earning nil points. But it was lovely how the other competitors went and gave the UK representative James a consoling cuddle. My favourite was Ukraine and I have ended up downloading their entire album. Eurovision was its usual bonkers, mad European party. I loved it and announced to a rather horrified Chris that next year we will be watching the semi-finals as well. But enough Eurovision, let's get on with the recap shall we?

Books Read and Reviewed in April

Other Posts of Note

7 Tips to Help You Read War and Peace

5 Star Reads

No 5 Star reads this month. I'm obviously feeling a bit stingy.

Big Read Challenge

Only one read this month but it was a biggie - War and Peace. This now takes my total to 14/100 books.

Good Reads Challenge

I've read 40/100 books so far this year. I know comparison is the thief of joy, but I saw someone who had read 158 books already this year! Wow!I am happy with my 40 books.

To Be Read

Read 7, now have 38 left to read and this has involved some complicated sums right here.

On my TBR list from January, I still have 30 books left to read and then 8 books bought in 2021. I think I might need to update this list, maybe a mid-year edition?

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Looking Forward To...

I've decided to change things up slightly on the blog. If I'm honest, it can feel a little like a treadmill to read and review 2 books a week, especially if I am wanting to savour a book. There will still be one book a week reviewed, hopefully ensuring only the really great books are on the blog. The other post will be a little different. I hope you like it. Of course you can still follow me on Goodreads for my most up to date reviews, and I'll probably do some recap posts. Please do let me know what you think. I'll also relaunch into summer next week and I cannot wait! Bring on that sunshine.

I am also co-hosting the next book in the #pilcherseasons challenge at the end of June which is The Shell Seekers. This is the one I know the least and can't wait to read it again.

On a non-book note, I'm excited by the Triathlon once again coming to Leeds. It's a fab event. Eurovision and Triathlon, I'm giving away all my guilty pleasures!

I hope May has been a fab month for you. Have a smashing June. See you on Friday!