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2 Mills and Boon Novels - A Foray into Romance

In my review of Gossip from Thrush Green, I mentioned that I was in a reading funk. I've felt like this for a few weeks, but had put it down to needing a holiday, so took a mini-break and decided to read something really different. In fact, a collection of books I haven't read since my University days

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Back in the day, Mills and Boon novels were books picked up by your mum and nan. The covers were marvellous! Paintings of couples in steamy clinches, ripped bodices with buttons flying off in all directions. The medical novels, my mum's favourite, featured masked Doctors and Nurses, the ladies all thick eye-lashes and alluring glances. These ended up being the most welcome relief from Uni work and exams, (Other than beer of course!). And so, deep in a reading rut and feeling slightly nostalgic, I found myself on the Mills and Book website ordering 2 delicious novels; one from the Modern series and one from the True Love series.

His Cinderella Next Door by Cara Colter (Mills and Boon True Love)

His Cinderella Next Door - Cara Colter
Penniless Molly and wealthy Oscar's close friendship always surprises people. Yet together they found they could just be themselves. Until a mind-blowing kiss changed their friendship irrevocably. That was 6 years ago, and it has haunted Molly ever since. Now Oscar's asking to see her.
As a wildlife photographer, Molly does scary things for a living. So why does re-uniting with her ex best-friend feel like the scariest thing she's ever done?

Stolen in Her Wedding Gown by Amanda Cinelli (Mills and Boon Modern)

Stolen in Her Wedding Gown by Amanda Cinelli
His something borrowed....is the bride
After the news Greek playboy has just shared about her convenient groom, Priya can't walk down the aisle of her Manhattan wedding. To save her father's business, she must flee in her white dress...and wed Eros instead!

My Thoughts

If there was one thing that I would love for you to take from the blog, is that reading is for everyone and is to be enjoyed by everyone and I did enjoy these.

I got a quick sense of the difference in the series fairly quickly. The True Love series features 2 very sweet characters grieving for their friend and brother and who are clearly destined to be together. They just haven't realised that yet! The message is to grab life with both hands and feel the joy. It was an adorable read.

The other novel is part of the Modern series - think billionaires, glamorous locations, private jets, and it did get quite saucy in places. Out of the 2 novels, I preferred this purely because I am in desperate need of a holiday! ( I don't believe I've mentioned that!) This allowed me to experience a private Greek Island without ever having to take a covid test!

It is definitely worth checking out the Mills and Boon website as there are many other series such as Historical, Dare, Desire, Heroes and my Mum's favourite Medical. There is also a newsletter to sign up for which often has money off offers. Gone now are the bodice ripping covers and the novels feel right up to date. A number of authors have also started their writing careers with Mills and Boon, most notably Sarah Morgan.

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I've really enjoyed my foray into a bit of escapist romance. It's been great fun and has helped to get me out of my reading slump.

I'll be back on Tuesday with a review of a lovely summer read I very much enjoyed.