Cover detail of This Christmas by Emma Heatherington

This Christmas by Emma Heatherington

Welcome to Day 11 of #12booksofChristmas !! I can't believe that there will only be one more post to do after I hit publish on this one. In case you have missed any of the previous titles, I've listed them below:

I'm not going to lie folks, I am running on empty today so heaven knows what post you will get today or, indeed, if it will make any sense. We had the loveliest weekend seeing family and friends, lots of Hattie-cuddles, present swapping and I believe ALL the food was eaten! I have 2 more days left to work this year and am looking to a festive tide filled with reading, black and white movies and devouring the box of Roses I have bought for myself.

Today's book was something I spotted on facebook, picked up on the kindle for a sweet deal and enjoyed thoroughly. Having read this, I knew I wanted to share this with you all. Let's find out more shall we?

The Plot

Rose used to love Christmas - until the year everything changed. She hasn't been home to visit her family for the holidays since.

Charlie is facing his first Christmas alone. It may be the most wonderful time of the year for some, but not for him. Not this year.

In search of comfort and seclusion, Rose escapes to a cottage in rural Donegal to hunker down for the festive season by herself.

But when Charlie opens the door to Seaview Cottage, the two strangers realise that their holiday rental has been double-booked.

They both expected to spend this Christmas alone. But their lives could be changed forever if they agree to spend it together. . .

My Thoughts

This book is being touted as perfect for fans of The Holiday and I would agree. Rose remembers a beautiful old family home that she used to stay in with her family as a child over summers. She remembers the comfort, warmth and feeling of family which she craves after a tragedy that has impacted her. Her cousin, who now owns the house, agrees to her staying. But unbeknownst to her, his wife has also promised it to Charlie.

Charlie is facing his first Christmas alone, as his daughter has moved to Spain with her mother and Charlie needs somewhere, where he can ignore Christmas. With one bedroom, and one living room can Charlie and Rose share their new home for the Christmas time and maybe help each other in the process?

This was everything cosy that is needed at Christmas, a gentle love story, a cottage complete with snow, a cast of loveable characters all set in beautiful Ireland.

Indeed, it is Emma Heatherington's Irish warmth that shines through beautifully with this tale. Loss is dealt with, but there are such wonderful moments of fun and joy as well. This is more The Holiday meets Marian Keyes.

As I say I did enjoy this immensely and knew this was going to be on my list of #12booksofchristmas whilst I was reading. It left me feeling all aglow and enjoying a good craic. Loved it.