Cover Detail of How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith

Welcome to day 5 of #12booksofchristmas and the last post of the week. In case you've missed any of the previous choices, I have listed them below.

There is a wonderful Charles Dickens' quote from A Christmas Carol which declares 'For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.' I love this quote and am always reminded of it when I read an engaging children's story. And this came as a very lovely surprise.

The Plot

On Christmas Eve, Winston finds a letter to Father Christmas that ddin't make it to the North Pole - so he sets off on a Very Important Mission to deliver it himself in time for Christmas Day.
It is a long journey, (especially when you are a tiny mouse) and Winston soon finds himself swept up in a snowy adventure - one that's full of excitement and danger.
Can Winston and his new friends complete his mission in time?

My Thoughts

I love a book surprise. The first thing to note is that this could almost be an 'advent' book. Alex T. Smith has very helpfully split the book into 24 and a half chapters. I read this in one night because it was so good, but I can imagine Mums and Dads up and down the country, reading a chapter a night to a little one excited by Christmas. What a fantastic idea! Absolutely love this.

The next thing to note are the beautiful, fantastical illustrations. We have advertisements for designer stores, a swirling sky, the many friends of Winston mouse and of course sweet Winston himself. These truly bring the story to life.

And what a story it is. Winston the mouse finds a letter to Father Christmas dropped by a sweet little boy who has been helping his mum and dad in their toy shop. Winston knows that any letter to Father Christmas is VERY important and undertakes an arduous journey through the snow and encountering a wonderful set of characters along the way.

The book feels very nostalgic, the time it is set is a time when each Christmas saw snow on the ground. When people would dress up to the nines to go to a glamorous Christmas Eve party, shops would close at a decent time on Christmas Eve and everyone was polite to each other. It made me feel like a child again.

The ending is heartwarming, the descriptions full, vivid and for all the senses. This was a brilliant discovery and I am delighted to discover there is a follow-up. I will definitely be returning to Winston's world. It is a lovely place to be.