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February 2022 Wrap-Up

I'm not a massive fan of February if I'm being honest. Christmas is a distant memory, the weather is usually not great and I'm limping to Spring with no energy or motivation. Despite it being the shortest month of the year, it still feels like the longest. I think this has been reflected in my reading and I do seemed to have slowed right down. Of course starting a new job has definitely reduced the amount of time I can read, or indeed spend writing this blog, which I'm a little sad about.

But before I depress you, which is not my mission, there have been some lovely moments. We celebrated my lovely husband's and mother-in-law's birthday. I am enjoying my job and we had lots of fun at the Valentine's disco held in our new village. For next year, I'm going to embrace the spirit of January in February and hunker down with my cosiest books.....and book a spa.

Spring is coming. I've loved seeing lots of snowdrops at my new home. One of the houses in the village decorates her hedge and the trees standing outside with baubles and fabric decorations. At Christmas, massive red baubles hung from the tree and in February beautiful fabric hearts adorned the hedge. I'm already looking forward to the next seasonal update!

Books Read and Reviewed in February

Not many read this month. But I finally updated my To Be Read post which is quite the job in itself.

I completed a post detailing which books I read for my birthday.

Read about The Books I received for my Birthday.

Year to Date

8 Books read so far this year.

Favourite Book of the Month

I've been lucky this month and read 2 great books. My favourite would be Certified though.

5 Star Reads

One 5 star read and it was Certified by Roger Wilson-Crane

Big Read Challenge

No books read this month so still standing at 16/100. This will change though for next month.

Read all about my Big Read Re-Read Challenge

To Be Read

I finally updated my To Be Read post, so I know exactly where I am at all times with this. Currently on my To Be Read pile are

  • Books on Kindle - 3 books
  • Big Read Books - 12 Books
  • Physical Books - 21 Books

That's 36 books by my reckoning.

My To Be Read Pile 2022

Looking Forward To

Finishing February! haha I am such a misery. I'm looking forward to Spring, a theatre visit to London, more home decorating and lighter mornings and nights. I'm also carrying merrily along reading Anna Karenina with my good friend over on Instagram. Book wise, I feel I need to read a Christmas book, something light. Ooh and I have joined a village Classics book group. More details to follow in my next post.

And that is it for February. I will be back on Friday with a classic Big Read title. It is a book which I swooned over as a teenager, would it have the same impact now I am a little older?