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January 2022 Wrap-Up

And just like that January has finished! It does not seem 2 minutes since we celebrated the new year, and here we are already one month down. Now having always dreaded January, I listened to Claudia Winkleman's advice about this usually dreary month and I can honestly say I now 'get' January. Just as in nature, January should be a time for sleep and hibernation, being cosy and resting after all the insanity of Christmas.

This was certainly reinforced when my husband and I got Covid. We couldn't work , so we rested. Took time to stay in bed with a cup of tea, watched non-taxing TV (hello Cobra kai!) curled up with black and white movies, did jigsaws and enjoyed the food we had been storing up like squirrels. Whilst it was a forced rest, it was much needed. I chose not to set New Years Resolutions, no new notebooks detailing the year ahead. I just stayed cosy and it was wonderful. I celebrated my birthday and I started a new job. It's been a good month.

Books Read and Reviewed in January

Year to date

6 Books read so far

Favourite Book this Month

This is a hard one. It's between Oliver Twist and Jack Sheffield. I gave Jack Sheffield one more star than Oliver, but Oliver Twist was a wonderful read.

5 Star Reads

Jack Sheffield scored 5 stars from me this month. I did love the atmosphere of Oliver Twist though. Right book right time.

Big Reads

There are rather a lot of these sat on my TBR pile. 16/100 titles read.

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To Be Read

  • Books on Kindle (3 books)
  • Big Read Books (6 books)
  • Physical Books (12 Books)

By my reckoning this is 21 books........but I did buy a couple of books this month and it has been my birthday. I'm going to update My To Be Read post to reflect this very soon, so for February will have a better handle on what's going on.

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Looking Forward To

I'm looking forward to my husband's birthday, embracing slightly later nights and my aim is to lean into February, just like I've done with January. I've got a few jobs around the garden to do. But all in all, looking forward to February. And I believe there may be a new Dr Ruth Galloway book this month. Yay!