Cover detail of The White Robin by Miss Read

The White Robin by Miss Read

Good morning everyone, I'm coming to you a day late as I have had a lovely week celebrating my birthday, and woke up yesterday all chilled and relaxed so much so I forgot to blog. Doh! I have a couple of messages to respond to, both via my contacts form and on Instagram and I will get round to those I promise. Life has been a bit crackers so this week was about being in the present and I loved it. I will recap last weekend as we had a very exciting literary adventure involving an author that features on the blog quite a bit!

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Talking of authors featured on the blog quite a book review for you today is by my one of my favourite authors Miss Read. Complete comfort reading, but needed.

The Plot

When a white robin comes to the quiet village of Fairacre, it becomes the focus of nationwide attention.

Nicknamed 'Snowboy', 'Snowball' 'Snowflake, the villagers adopt him as their own but their pride is short-lived and their hopes brutally dashed to the ground when tragedy strikes. However bitterness does not last in the hearts of those at Fairacre and it is not too long before their patience and faith are rewarded.

My Thoughts

This was a 5 Star read for me.

Miss Read is author I do tend to read a lot of, and I worry sometimes that my reviews of her novels cover a lot of the same topics. I often talk about the themes of nature, the knowledge that even though this appears to be a quiet country village, there actually a hive of activity bubbling underneath. I make reference to the cast of wonderful characters that we've grown to love - Mrs Pringle, Mr Roberts, the Vicar and Miss Clare, all told with Miss Read's wry observations.

But it is only when I read a few of these, that I appreciate the subtle differences in each book. Village School talked about an academic school year, Village Diary was exactly that - a series of notes and observations about life in a country village. Storm in the Village encompassed the various battles the village - both privately and in the wider community.

And so we reach The White Robin and here the story-telling focuses on that rare phenomenon in nature - an albino robin. We witness how our various favourite villagers take this creature to their hearts, even Mrs Pringle who grows very fond of 'Snowball'

Running concurrently is another story about a troubled boy from a difficult home life. Fairacre life busy in the background of these focal stories. And it is done very well with an uplifting ending. A very satisfying story!