Cover detail of That Festive Feeling by Heidi Swain

That Festive Feeling by Heidi Swain

Good Morning and Happy Easter Monday to you all. I am back from holiday and raring to go after a very relaxing time in beautiful Grenada. When your daily view is the below picture, it is not terribly hard to relax.

Grand Anse Beach

Lots of sunbathing was done (under a tree, I am from Yorkshire of course!), cocktails imbibed and of course books were read, 7 in total. It was the perfect place to switch off and we returned home feeling as if we had definitely had a holiday. Hattie had an equally lovely time, staying at home with the wonderful Denise, so much so we became concerned that she would want to go and live with Denise. But the welcome we got when we got back put our mind at ease and Hattie has not wanted for cuddles...or scrambled egg. (She loves it!).

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With all of these books, I am planning on posting twice a week going forward for a short while. And so let's kick this off. You already know I am a mass of contradictions, and so, having enjoyed temperatures of 30 degrees, and because it is April, am going to review a Christmas book. haha.

The Plot

Holly has the place to herself this Christmas house-sitting for friends on Nightingale Square. Newly single and unsure about next steps for her career, she plans to hunker down and make some life decisions.
On early morning walks around a nearby lake she bumps into May, who is also new to the area, and her dapper Dachshund Monty. Quickly a firm friendship blossoms. Then. when Holly meets Bear, a rather large and rather attractive man, at the local pub, and his rescue dog Queenie, Nightingale Square suddenly feels even more appealing.
As the community comes together for the festivities, Holly must start thinking about where life will take her next. But distractions close to home make this more tricky than ever.
Will she get that festive feeling this Christmas?

My Thoughts

First thing to note, is that this is the 5th book in the Nightingale series of books. You do not have to have read these in order (I haven't), but if you enjoy this then it is definitely worth checking out the other books in the series. I'll pop the full Heidi Swain books in order at the bottom of the post.

This is a lovely cosy Christmas read that feels like a warm hug. After falling out of love with her job and recently single, Holly agrees to house-sit over Christmas for her good friends. The house resides in Nightingale Square and Holly is aware of the closeness of the community there. Resolving not to get involved in this closeness she takes herself off for solitary walks and there meets the rather fabulous actress May and her dachshund Monty. As the two become friends, and noting May's loneliness, Holly slowly decides to open herself up to joining in the Nightingale Square shenanigans. And encounters a rather attractive man named Bear.

You will spend a few portions of this book wanting to shake Holly until her teeth rattle, as she cannot see what is so clearly in front of her. But then don't we all? The story is charming and is all about recovery, finding yourself and your passions again whilst opening yourself up to possibility. It's a lovely reminder to us all.

The community aspect is brilliant, it reminded me of where we live, especially as there was a Christmas show being put on, which Holly, Bear and May all become heavily involved in. There is nothing nicer than working together for a shared event.

I adored May, who's entire wardrobe I wanted to pinch and who was fabulous in every aspect.

And so, my dears, if your day, like mine, is blighted by torrential rain, and you feel like curling up with a good book then you can do a lot worse than this. It is cosy, full of warmth, and with a gentle story to boot. Good work Heidi Swain!

I will be back on Friday, with the next of my Year in Books book and it is a bit of a different book for me. Have a wonderful rest of a bank holiday. It's nice to be back.