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November Wrap-Up and An Announcement

And just like that November is over. It was a big month for us in that we moved house! We have nearly been here for a month already and it feels like home already. The village is lovely and welcoming with some amazing views of the local countryside, I've found a local bookshop and love shopping in the little market town nearby.

An Announcement

I've alluded to this already, but this year #12booksofchristmas is back!!! Throughout the year, I have been picking some great titles for you to read which I am delighted to share with you. Having said I am scaling back, there will be plenty of Christmas books for you to feast your eyes on. 12 Books of Christmas 2021 will kick off on Friday 3rd December and will run Monday to Friday for the following 2 weeks. And if you need a reminder of last year's book, the list is below.

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As a lovely treat from my delightful in-laws, I received a book from them as a 'pre-Christmas, Christmas present' - The Christmas Murder Game by Alexandra Benedict and I can't wait to start this!

But first we need to check off November. Let's get to it.

Books Read and Reviewed in November

My favourite Book this month

It had to be Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon. It also represents the book I wanted to read at that time. I've spoken a bit about needing to get off the treadmill of reading and blogging recently. Guys I was worn out with reading 2 books every week, photographing and reviewing them. I was also, horror of horrors, starting to not enjoy reading. And so I decided to scale back, read what I really fancied and read it for as long as it takes, rather than being on a perpetual deadline. And for this reason I was able to really savour Death at La Fenice. I also now want to really eat a lot of Italian food. hahaha.

5 Star Reads

Death at la Fenice again. The Foundling did come close though!

Big Reads Challenge

Still 15/100. My buddy read of Anna Karenina has been postponed to January.

Good Reads Challenge

Well, I've deleted this. I was putting far too much pressure on myself to read 100 books this year. I'm reading for pleasure not for some kind of test. Please don't get me wrong, Good Reads is great for learning about other people's opinions of books and for asking questions, but I have come to realise I don't enjoy an App where some kind of goal is set.

To Be Read

  • 2020 Kindle Books - 8 Books
  • 2021 Kindle Books - 5 Books
  • Big Read Books - 5 Books
  • Physical Books - 12 Books

By my dodgy reckoning that is 30 books on my To Be Read pile.

Read my post all about my To Be Read Pile

Looking Forward to

errr Christmas Obviously!!!!!!!!! Absolutely love this time of year. On Sunday, my husband and I did a little bit of Christmas shopping, had a festive hot chocolate and enjoyed being in the cold. I've already started the Christmas movies (Miracle on 34th Street and Christmas with the Kranks). And I'm looking forward to celebrating this in our cosy home.

Wherever you are, I hope you are having a good month. Let me know what your favourite book was this month. And I will see you on Friday for the first of the #12 days of Christmas books.