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My To Be Read Pile - Autumn 2021 Update

I do hope that you have all had a lovely weekend. Our weekend was spent looking at our soon-to-be new home and it was so good. As the estate agent said at the end of our visit 'You are still smiling'. Well folks, I am beaming and cannot wait to get moved. We were lucky because my Sister came to view the house as well with us. Chris summed it up beautifully by saying that we were showing her 'our home'.

To get back to the post, people this is happening! I am finally typing up my updated To Be Read post ready for Autumn. I've only been promising this for about 6 months or so. You may remember I published the last one way back in March, but it was definitely time to refresh this.

Read my March TBR post

I've sorted the books into a couple of different categories; 2020 Books - Kindle are books that I had on my kindle at the end of 2020; 2021 Books - Kindle are books purchased in 2021; Big Read Books - Books on the Big Read List and then physical books. I'm also going to use this for my To Be Read section for my monthly wrap-up, so I can provide a more accurate figure, as oppose to not having a clue. Here we go!

2020 Books - Kindle (7 Books)

Books from My To Be Read Pile

2021 Books - Kindle (6 Books)

Big Read Books (5 Books)

Books from My To Be Read Pile

Physical Books (15 Books)

Books from My To Be Read Pile

And that's it, by my reckoning that is 33 books on my To Be Read Pile. of course, I'll still share with you another of my favourite backlist books. If we are talking goals, I would like to clear my 2020 kindle books, but I appreciate we have a lot going on at the moment with the move, so I'm not going to stress if this does not happen.

Thank you for reading all about my To Be Read Pile. I will be back on Friday with a review about a book featured on my list. Have a great day. xx