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April 2021 Wrap-Up

First of all apologies for the lateness of this post. It's not the latest I have ever wrapped up a month, but it's close. In the UK it was a Bank Holiday yesterday, which I decided to fully enjoy with my lovely husband. And this morning, I woke up to a cake disaster, namely that we had none. I quickly whistled up some chocolate fairy cakes, including the obligatory one bun to rule them all; A fairy cake at least 4 times the size of its brothers and sisters and these are currently cooling, waiting to be iced. What can I say I say? Colour me Mary Berry.

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April has been a good reading month. I am working my way through War and Peace which is a book that demands respect! I am savouring every word, but still found time to read and review 8 other books in between volumes. On a positive note, bookshops opened again and I treated myself to 2 books from Read in Holmfirth. We are now allowed to meet friends outside for a coffee. And I had my first vaccine and my hair done. Yay!

Purchased from Read

Books Read and Reviewed in April

5 Star Reads

This month saw me award 2 Five Star Reads - Coming Home and Sunflower Sisters.

Big Read Challenge

13 read out of the 100. But I am reading War and Peace this month, so that will be another one soon ticked off.

Good Reads Challenge

33 Books read so far this year. I am on track and have not received any scary notifications telling me that if I read 6 books every week, I'll complete the challenge. Keep on Truckin' that's my motto.

To Be Read

I'm not sure how, ahem, but my To be Read now has 41 books on it. I had 39 books last month, bought 2 and read 8. What's going on?

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Looking forward to...

If I'm honest, finishing War and Peace. I've enjoyed reading every second with this book, and it's been so brilliant reading and discussing it with a good friend, but I'm ready to read something else now. I've treated myself to a summer read and I can't wait to start it.

I'm also looking forward to Between the Covers starting again. I haven't a date as to when this will be, but apparently it will be late Spring. The books have been picked and it's an interesting list. This year the panel will discuss a Big Hitter and a new release. Last Year, our family book group read Fifty Fifty by Steve Cavanagh from the programme and we all enjoyed it.

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So that wraps up April my loves. I hope that wherever you are April has been good to you and May has been fun so far! I'll be back on Friday this week, with my next book review. Have a great day!