Cover detail from Gossip from Thrush Green by Miss Read showing two women having a cup of tea

Gossip from Thrush Green by Miss Read

First of all, I must start with an apology for my absence on Friday. Like a lot of people, I am in serious need of a holiday and have been in a reading funk for a few weeks. This sometimes happens when I don't really know what I want to read next, or if I'm just not feeling the book I'm reading. I know it will play itself out and so I don't stress about it. But what I did do was end up reading a series of books I have not read since my University days! I'll reveal them in a post soon, and will also produce my guide to getting out of a reading funk. Can you guess what these could be? Spoiler alert, they are most definitely NOT history books.

I say this because it is a running joke with my family, that despite doing a History degree, I remember absolutely nothing about this subject and have proved useless in pub quizzes when faced with a history question. Clearly my University years must have been good, as I have no memory of the subject I studied.

Back to the post! One book I did manage to read whilst I was schlepping around was the June choice in the #Missreadreadalong I am taking part in over on Instagram. The idea being that we read one of the Thrush Green novels every month in order. At this point of my reading funk, comfort was good! I've listed the titles we have already read and if you need to know which order to read them in, I've added the Miss Read books in order page below.

Plot (From the Back of the Book)

Change is afoot in the beautiful Cotswold village of Thrush Green..
As Molly Curdle prepares for her new baby, rumour has it that a retirement is planned and the village school teacher is about to make an important decision. And as Thrush Green's vicar sits down to write his sermon, he has no idea of the potential disaster which is unfolding.
All is not as it seems for the unsuspecting villagers, for change is never far away.

My Thoughts

Miss Read starts the novel with a wonderful discourse on afternoon tea, lamenting its slow disappearance. This is typified by the Fuchsia Bush cafe which now shuts just after lunch before re-opening for evening meals. The Havelock women, 3 Octogenarian sisters miss the afternoon tea and its healing properties and this becomes a them running throughout the novel. Many a problem is solved through sharing a restorative cup of tea served in the most delicate bone china teacup and a piece of delicious cake. Indeed when some of our favourite characters are enduring tough times, the kettle is switched on, the pot is warmed and problems are solved.

And there is a lot going on in this novel, Charles and Dimity house has burnt down and it looks like the surrounding dioceses are being re-structured with a possible move for Charles; Dotty Harmer becomes seriously ill and has a spell in hospital; Noisy neighbours rent Phil and Frank's house next door to Winnie Bailey and Misses Watson and Fogerty are considering retirement from teaching.

As always, even in the face of these troubles, Miss Read's trademark humour shines through. Albert Piggott finally finds a job he enjoys, Winnie helps her noisy neighbours next door and Ella gets out her loom out in May to start making lumpy scarves as Christmas presents.

Of course, all is resolved by the end and even better, the Fuchsia Bush is open for afternoon tea again! It is a cafe that caters to the needs of its clientele after all.

And so, all is well in Thrush Green. Our beloved characters are all Ok and I'm already looking forward to July's choice - Affairs at Thrush Green.

I'll be back on Friday with my monthly wrap-up. I'm still deciding if a Tuesday/Friday post is working. Watch this space!