Cover detail of Farther Afield by Miss Read

Farther Afield by Miss Read

I hope you all had a good weekend and are not too fed up of the rain we are currently having. At the moment I can't remember a time when it wasn't raining in the UK and rather than driving to work I am contemplating a canoe. But I was cheered up by seeing family this weekend and celebrating a birthday. I will confess though I am missing the sunshine of dear Grenada. *sighs.

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Once again it has been too long since I have read a novel by my dear Miss Read and given that this one was all about a break abroad which coincided just before my break abroad, it seemed especially fitting to read this. Let's get stuck in shall we?

The Plot

While Miss Read falls down the stairs and breaks her arm on the first day of the summer holidays, her old friend Amy whisks her off to recuperate on the island of Crete.
The change of scene provides a welcome break and gives the two women time to take a long look at the relative merits of married and single life. Later, the friends return to Fairacre, refreshed and ready to tackle their problems.

My Thoughts

I think I must sound like a broken record talking about how Miss Read manages to make every book in the Fairacre series feel fresh and new. And this is no different. The theme running through this novel is a debate between the married state and being single, and the many benefits and challenges facing both.

Miss Read starts her holiday by breaking her arm, in front of the indomitable Mrs Pringle no less, and is offered a break away by her old friend Amy. Amy needs the break as her husband has asked for a divorce after beginning an affair with a much younger work colleague. The two old friends need the holiday and return much revived and ready to tackle their problems.

As always we encounter our favourite and beloved characters; Mrs Pringle, Mr Roberts, Mr Lamb and the Reverend Partridge. And a welcome return from Amy's niece last seen in Scotland.

I love these books. To me they are best typified by the subtle humour and good sense. Indeed there is a wonderful quote at the start of Chapter 14

There is no doubt about it, going away does one so much good because, for one thing, it makes one's home seem doubly desirable'

This is a nice quote to remember when instead of a swimming costume I am currently sat in a winter jumper and instead of the 'liquid sunshine' of the Caribbean, we have the freezing rain. The cure for any blues? Why pick up a cosy Miss Read, get your toastiest blanket and curl up with a hot chocolate. You won't want to be anywhere else and this is an excellent Miss Read novel to enjoy.