Illustration by J.S. Goodall showing 2 women looking at a Christmas Nativity Scene

At Home in Thrush Green by Miss Read

As August draws to a close and thoughts turn to Autumn, It's time to discuss the 8th book in the Thrush Green series which I am reading with a lovely group of people over on Instagram. The challenge is to read the Thrush Green Series in order, one book each month. It's strange to think that there are only 4 books left after this one which also demonstrates just how the year is flying by. Below is a list of ALL the books written by Miss Read in series order, and these include links to all the books in the #missreadreadalong.

Miss Read Novels in Order

In a bit of a life update, we are currently in the 'fallow' bit of house buying. All the forms are in and the Solicitor's are now undertaking their searches. Please do keep everything crossed for us!

Plot (From the Back of the Book)

There are newcomers to the village of Thrush Green.
Charles Henstock, vicar of Thrush Green is living in his new vicarage, after the old one burned down. In its place are 8 retirement homes, but there's heated debate in the village about the new residents. How to choose who will live there? How will they get on together? And how will they accommodate all the pets?
Meanwhile the old residents have their worries. At the school Miss Watson learns that her brother has had an accident; an argument flares up between Edward Young and Doctor Lovell; and Dottie Harmer becomes dottier by the day.

My Thoughts

I've really looked forward each month to my Miss Read novel and this has been a lovely challenge to read them in order so that we can follow the character arc through. Although I am slightly concerned to see some of my favourite characters becoming frailer - Dottie and Winnie most noticeably.

Also, for the first time, serious crime has been mentioned in the series with Dr Lovell stumbling across a group of car thieves. In true Miss Read fashion, they are dispatched with speed and efficiency. The police are called and they quickly disappear from the area.

This novel covers a lovely part of the year. Spring through to the following spring, with the real focus on winter. I enjoyed watching my favourite characters celebrate the Christmas period.

And talking of these characters, they are all back; Winnie, Dotty, Charles and Dimity Henstock and Ella. But there are plenty of new additions now. Charles' friend Tom moves into the retirement home with his beloved Collie; Jane and Bill are the new sensible wardens at the retirement houses ensuring their charges are well taken care of and attempting to make peace between some of the more over-bearing characters.

Miss Read's trademark humour is dotted throughout. I find myself smiling at her many wry observations, my heart full of the joy to be found in nature.

These are a truly comforting set of novels and I cannot wait to read September's choice - The School at Thrush Green.

I'll be back on Monday with probably the biggest book to be released this summer and at the end of the week I'll be wrapping up the month (and summer!). Have a great weekend.