Cover detail of The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan

The Summer Swap by Sarah Morgan

Happy Wednesday all. I have just eaten the biggest biscuit I have ever was a Marks and Spencer custard cream covered in chocolate. I swear I almost dislocated my jaw trying to get it in my mouth. It was delicious though. Anyway, now we have cleared that up , I am coming at you today with a lovely summer read perfect for those lucky enough to be jetting away on holiday or having some well earned time off.

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The weather might not have been up to much so far this summer, but this novel will get you in the holiday mood. Sarah Morgan books feature a lot on this blog, and they are yummy. Even better, there is usually a book at Christmas as well. On with the review!

The Plot

When Cecilia Lapthorne's 75th birthday celebrations take an unexpected turn, she seeks solace away from the festivities and escapes to Dune Cottage - without telling her family where she's going.
Lily Thomas, a struggling artist, has secretly been staying in the unoccupied cottage. When Cecilia discovers Lily during a late-night visit, an unexpected bond forms between the two women.
Then Cecilia's grandson, Todd - and Lily's unrequited crush - shows up, sending a shockwave through their unlikely friendship. Will it inspire Lily to find the courage to live the life she wants? Can Cecilia finally let go of the past to find a new future? Becasue as surely as the tide erases past footprints, this summer is offering both Cecilia and Lily the chance to swap old dreams for new...

My Thoughts

Way, way, way back in 2020 I read my first Sarah Morgan book and fell in love with her novels. I found them uplifting, celebrating female friendships, love and ultimately it inspired to find your path in life. Many reviewed books later, I still come back to Sarah's books and feel the same. I 'read myself happy' as the badge on the back of the book states.

And indeed these themes run through The Summer Swap, especially the part about finding your path. In this book, the swap is not just a house or an area, but about a life. Lily was due to be a Doctor, but knew deep down in her bones that it was not the career for her. Cecilia is a woman hanging on to a past that could have been very different, and Cecilia's daughter, Kirstin, realises that she wants to change her seemingly perfect. organised home and life for a deeper relationship with her husband.

When the three women come together at Dove Cottage by the sea where the light plays on the water, they explore this further. All 3 women are good strong characters, Lily is very sweet but haunted by the idea that she has let her family and friends down, Kirstin has realised that she can over-organise and Cecilia comes to love Dove Cottage and the local town, just as she once did. All 3 women support each other and there is a sweet love story between Lily and Todd.

I defy anyone not to want to stay at Dove Cottage. I certainly did! I wanted to stay there and enjoy a lobster roll and fries and visit the town and shop in the beautiful art galleries. I wanted to read my books and curl up by the sea. It's a lovely novel, and one I would heartily recommend for anyone going away on holiday or enjoying a staycation.

In the time taken to write this review, I have eaten two more of the gigantic chocolate custard creams and now feel VERY full. I am enjoying an Agatha Christie and have a book club choice to read after this. I'll be back very soon!