Cover detail of Summer Wedding by Sarah Morgan

Summer Wedding by Sarah Morgan

The glorious weather has pushed me firmly into ALL THE SUMMER READS! and I knew instantly where to turn, as a mainstay of any summer is Sarah Morgan. One of the nicest things about Sarah's books is that she always writes her readers a letter telling us a little bit about the book held excitedly in our little mitts. This usually tells us a little about the book including what inspired her, what she's been up to and places that feature in the book. It's a lovely and chatty way to start a book, and even better if Sarah ever owns a gorgeous villa on a Greek island, we are all invited!

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In other reading news, I've discovered a new author that I can't wait to share with you, have had a cull of my To Be Read pile, a sort out of my bookshelves and am reading Marple: Twelve Stories which I am excited to share with you all. I have thoughts! But on with the review.

The Plot

Catherine Swift is marrying the love of her life. Now she just needs to convince her daughters she is not making the biggest mistake of her life yet...
Catherine Swift is a bestselling author, but her personal story hasn't been quite so successful; 3 failed marriages have left her relationship with her daughters strained. Engaged once again, Catherine is counting on this wedding, at her villa in Corfu, to finally bring the family together.
Adeline can't believe her mother is getting married for a fourth time, or that she's expected to attend. It brings back the pain of her mother's fidelity, and means spending time with her half-sister Cassie, who she never really got to know. Cassie, on the other hand is thrilled by her mother's news. But she also has a secret of her own, and a summer in Corfu will give her time to process everything.

My Thoughts

My reading on this blog tends to veer between cosy crime and cosy romance and over the years, I've built up a stock of authors who I turn to when I want a bit of comfort - Rosamunde Pilcher, Karen Swan, Agatha Christie and Miss Read are all novelists I return to again and again.

Sarah Morgan is rapidly in danger of joining this list with her summer (and Christmas!) reads. And this one does not disappoint.

Let's start with the glorious location. Catherine Swift, romance novelist, has bought herself a gorgeous villa in Corfu. It's warm, sunny and we can have a dip if it gets too hot. The Bougainvillea trees provide a scented backdrop to this story and Maria has prepared us an array of wonderful Greek food.

Sarah Morgan is very keen to say that Catherine is not based on herself, but she does provide us a sneak peak into the world of a novelist - agents, sales figures and chart positions.

Of course, the novel is firmly focussed on the family drama with Catherine, Adeline and Cassie all going through a number of issues. Ultimately it is a novel about relationships and seeing life through each others eyes. And it's great.

This is a very engaging novel about families, another excellent sunny read from an author fast becoming a favourite of mine.