Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

I recently reviewed book one of the Puffin Island Trilogy - First Time in Forever and then ended up devouring the rest of the trilogy in the space of a week. What can I say? I was motivated.

The Puffin Island follows the stories of 3 friends; Emily, Brittany and Skylar and are set on Puffin Island in Maine, focusing on the women's stories and the community there. This book follows immediately on from Book 1 and is Brittany's story.

Brittany returns from her archaeological dig in Greece and the first person she runs into is her ex-husband Zach. Zach ran out on their 10 day old marriage when they were both 18. 10 years have now passed since then. Zach first came to Puffin Island to attend the summer camp there. It was there that he discovered his love of flying, the outdoors and animals all of which help him to escape his abusive childhood. He finds it hard to trust and after marrying Brittany, felt like he would end up letting her down so ran out and erm.....let her down. But the physical attraction still strongly exists and both have come a long way since their disastrous marriage.

I enjoyed the first novel, but I loved this one! Sarah Morgan writes with great fondness about Puffin Island and its inhabitants (both puffins and people) and there is a wonderful sense of community here with everyone knowing each others' business, usually before they do. Emily reappears from Book 1 with Ryan and Lizzy and Puffin Island is the perfect backdrop for the unfolding romance. The descriptions of the nature and landscapes are beautifully written. Sarah Morgan writes sensitively about Zach's damaged background and then how the elation of flying has been a release from the past. But ultimately it will be Brittany who will start to help him heal.

We all need a bit of comfort and gentleness and these books provide that in abundance. Are the novels slightly predictable? Of course! But in these strange times, predictable is good and also much needed. To expand further, I have seen a number of my favourite bloggers saying they are struggling to read, they can't settle due to anxiety about Covid-19. In circumstances like these, and with the ever shifting sands of our daily lives, a bit of predictable is warmly welcomed. Reading should always be enjoyable and never something you feel that 'should' be done. If in doubt, or if you are struggling, step back, and read a nice magazine article instead and gradually the urge to read a novel will come back in its own time. Basically my lovelies, just be very kind to yourself. It's Ok to step back a moment and just breathe.

This book is again another lovely summer read book, so I'm going to suggest enjoying this with a gorgeous bowl of rich, creamy blueberry ice-cream. You can read this at Summer Scoop on the island while waiting for Brittany for a coffee and catch up.