Cover Detail of The Other Boleyn Girl

Philippa Gregory Novels in Reading Order

We used to sell lots of Philippa Gregory in our bookshop and with good reason. These novels are well-researched, fictionalised accounts of real events. Aesthetically they always looked great on a shelf together! I've grouped these together by series. These are all novels, apart from the History section which is a companion guide to the first three books in the Plantagenet and Tudor series.

The Fairmile Series

  • Tidelands
  • Dark Tides

The Plantagenet and Tudor Series

  • The Lady of the Rivers
  • The White Queen
  • The Red Queen
  • The Kingmakers' Daughter
  • The White Princess
  • The Constant Princess
  • The King's Curse
  • Three Sisters, Three Queens
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • The Boleyn Inheritance
  • The Taming of the Queen
  • The Queen's Fool
  • The Virgin's Lover
  • The Last Tudor
  • The Other Queen

History (Non-fiction companion to The Lady of the Rivers, The White, The Red Queen)

  • The Women of the Cousin's War

The Order of Darkness Series

  • Changeling
  • Stormbringers
  • Fools' Gold
  • Dark Tracks

The Tradescant Series

  • Earthly Joys
  • Virgin Earth

Wideacre Trilogy

  • Wideacre
  • The Favoured Child
  • Meridon

Other Historical Novels

  • The Wise Woman
  • A Respectable Trade
  • Fallen Skies

Modern Novels

  • Alice Hartley's Happiness
  • Perfectly Correct
  • The Little House
  • Zelda's Cut

Short Stories

  • Bread & Chocolate

The Princess Rules Children's Series

  • The Princess Rules
  • It's a Prince Thing
  • The Mammoth Adventure