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Jack Sheffield Novels in Order

If you are looking for a gentle, slightly nostalgic novel about growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, then I would recommend the Teacher, Teacher series of novels written by Jack Sheffield. They are lovely and slightly reminiscent of the James Herriot stories...except they are set in a school rather than a vets. I've put them in order of publication and would recommend reading them in this order. But please note, number 11 in the series, Starting Over, is a prequel of the sorts. It has some of the adults as youngsters. But keep the order, as you'll be treated to seeing some of your favourite characters as children.

Jack Sheffield Novels in Publication Order

  1. Teacher, Teacher (2007)
  2. Mister Teacher (2008)
  3. Dear Teacher (2009)
  4. Village Teacher (2010)
  5. Please Sir! (2011)
  6. Educating Jack (2012)
  7. School's Out (2013)
  8. Silent Night (2013)
  9. Star Teacher (2015)
  10. Happiest Days (2017)
  11. Starting Over (2018)
  12. Changing Times (2019)
  13. Back to School (2020)
  14. School Days (2021)