Sarah Knight

Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight

First of all, apologies for the expletives. This is genuinely the title, so please don't imagine I am at home swearing like a navvy. I love this book. The sub-title is 'How to Stop Worrying about what you do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do' which kind of sums up the whole book really. But before you switch off and think this sounds immensely dry and dull, then bear with me. It's LIFE CHANGING.....and fun. Especially for someone like me who weighs herself down like Sisyphus on a bad rock day.

Sarah Knight denotes the people needing the book into 3 personality types; Simon, Alvin and Theodore i.e. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Theodores are relatively hopeless, forget to put on trousers and tend to lose stuff all the time. Alvins are doing Ok but can't stick to anything, while Simons are very organised but are killing themselves doing it and are failing to do the big stuff such as changing a career.

Sarah Knight gives you the tools to get organised with a 'Must Do' rather than a 'To Do' list, talks about bigger projects and long term goals as well as touching on big issues that may come our way.

My most favourite and illuminating part is around 'negative goals'. Quite often, we are told we should set goals and frame them from a positive place. Sarah Knight, instead setting goals from a negative place, so if you are absolutely hate your career and spend every Sunday evening living in dread, then maybe a goal is around making your career better, or changing it. Simple right?

This book is truly awesome. It enabled me to get my sh*t together and I re-read it every year. Best of all, it's done in a light-hearted, witty way that makes sense. So even if you don't use any of the suggestions, you will have had a giggle and this book will make you smile. Win, win in my mind.

So after employing the techniques used, I suddenly have a batch of Zest Muffins in my freezer. I'll read this book with a smoothie and one of these muffing because I am organised and virtuous. (Although these muffins are da Bomb). Clearly, being organised in my mind means always having a full cake tin.