Cover detail of The Hike by Lucy Clarke

Catching Up

Good morning all, I'm sorry for being missing in action last week and on Tuesday, I had a rather busy week at work and a couple of personal bits to deal with so my head was not in the space to review some lovely books. Even my reading is a lot slower which is not necessarily a bad thing given that I am well behind on my reviews!

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Can we talk about Eurovision? This year's Eurovision was good fun, but tinged with politics and reports that not all is rosy behind the scenes. The night was good fun though. I attended a Eurovision party dressed as Ireland along with a ballerina, Gene Simmons, 2 Vikings and SuperMario. The performances have definitely become ruder! If I didn't see another pair of buttocks it would not be too soon.

In book news, the Nibbies have taken place (also known as the British Book Awards) with Murdle by G.T. Karber taking Overall Winner and Non-Fiction Lifestyle Book of the Year. We are currently doing these at the moment, and so is my first review!

I'm popping a few short reviews in this post. These are books that I enjoyed but were not amazing if you know what I mean.

Murdle by G.T.Karber

Technically I am still reading this. This is a book of 100 logic puzzles where we follow Deductivo Logico as he goes about solving murders. You receive a few clues, fill out a grid and hopefully the who, what and why of the murder will be revaled to you. We have moved onto the next level and I swear you can hear my cogs turning Good fun! This was also another book in my birthday present from my friends.

Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean

This is my favourite ever war movie which I watch at least a few times a year. I think because of this the book was always going to have its work cut out. It is winter 1943, and General Carnaby has been captured by the Nazis and held in the notorious Schloss Adler. He has the plans for the invasion of Normandy. A special team of British Commandos, a US Army Ranger and a female secret agent are assembled, but is all as it seems? This is a good, enjoyable thriller and it was interesting to note the slight differences between the film. The film is better but does not detract from the enjoyment of the book.

Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie

A dinner party of 13 guests takes place at the home of Sir Charles Cartwright, the Reverend Babbington collapses after being poisoned but there is no poison in his martini glass. There is no motive. And then a second murder takes place. I think this is one of the weaker Christie's, but still enjoyable. I think Murder on the Orient Express has ruined all other Christie's for me, it was so good.

The Hike by Lucy Clarke

This is the final book for today and was a book that initially was a great page-turner, but then I became slightly irritated by the characters. Four friends hike out into the Norwegian wild on their annual friends holiday where a woman disappeared a year ago. Someone is keen to hide the secrets of the missing woman and will stop at nothing to ensure the four women do not find out what has been going on. It was a page turner told through flashback and each of the women's narratives. But heavens the women were a bit painful and were also awful to each other. I did enjoy reading this though and is a book I am happy to donate to our local bus shelter library for someone else to enjoy.

And that is it from me today. I should be back on Tuesday with some more reads. Have a great weekend!