Book Chat #7 - October 2020

Book Chat #7 - October 2020

I cannot believe we are already in November and once again it is time for my reading round-up. I've read a couple more horror books than I normally would in celebration of Halloween and am STILL reading The Stand. (Honestly I think I should just write a blog about The Stand and its many reading updates.) This month we've stayed on a Scottish country estate, been to 1930s Alabama and Rome, solved a murder with 4 Septuagenarians, was visited by vampires and witches, been depressed in Canada, met a delightful red haired girl with a vivid imagination before going Back to School. All in a month's work for this particular book blogger! So let's get started shall we?

Books Read and Reviewed in October 2020

September by Rosamund Pilcher

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The Rome Affair by Karen Swan

The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields

Back to School by Jack Sheffield

Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery

The Familiars by Stacey Halls

5 Star Reads

Only one 5 Star Read this month which was the wonderful To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Big Read Challenge

I managed to read 2 more of the Big Read Challenge, taking my total to 9 out of 100. It was great to read Anne of Green Gables for the first time and always a joy to read To Kill a Mockingbird. Dracula comes in at no. 104, which I do not understand. And of course The Stand is on the list. This book mocks me.

Good Reads Challenge

I've read 65 out of my 100 book challenge. I'm not stressing it. (Arghhhhhhhh! DON'T PANIC!).

To Be Read

Still a tottering pile, and a big list of titles on my kindle. All told I think we are looking at approximately 40 books. Ahem.

Looking Forward To....

Finishing the Stand! I think this will be finished today, I can then read something completely different and hopefully a lot more pleasant. The Christmas novels are starting to be released and are being diligently placed on my Christmas list. Woohoo!

I am still loving the cosy nights, lighting our log-burner and watching Strictly or Bake Off. I have also yet to watch the new adaptation of Rebecca, but people seem to be loving this! The weather is currently wet and windy. We are still awaiting that lovely frosty day when the ground crunches under your feet.

I do hope you are all having a good month. We are heading back into a full lockdown in the UK and I hope that you are all keeping mentally and physically safe and maybe enjoying some good reads of your own....and cake, always cake. xx